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Self Protrait

Hello, I'm Yen-Ting.

An Illustrator and a Graphic Designer based in Taiwan (most of the time). After graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I started pursuing my art career as a freelancer.

I love to create decorative illustrations with smooth linework, rich color palettes, and stylish composition. Creating brings me peace and confidence, and I have learned to enjoy every moment through the process. My highest goal is to deliver the strength of calmness and grace to the viewer and share the moment of peace with people through sophisticated works.

In my free time, I enjoy doing chores, watching movies, cooking, and spending time with loved ones, sometimes doing some crafts.



2022 - Illustration Taipei | Exhibitor

2021 - Curses of Colors | Illustrator

2020 - Chinese Historical Society of America | Concept Artist

2020 - Academy of Art University Spring Show | Featured Artist

2019 - Academy of Art University Spring Show | Featured Artist 

If you'd like to ask about my work or to get in touch, you can contact me here.

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